Beautiful offer

New possibillity:


Your employees need some time of or they deserve a lovely holiday.

You may be looking for a place where they can have a nice time of and enjoy the silence and nature.

Or you would like to go to such a place with your family whenever you feel the urge.


We may be able to make a nice deal together!


We did find the place we where dreaming of in Sweden and there is more then enough space for more then our family.


We want to start a business where it is possible to take knowledge of old handicrafts and all kind of art. A place where you can dance, celebrate life and where we life as close to and together with nature.


We just miss one thing and that is money.

If you can help us with that we offer you a nice three room apartment which you can use with your family and friends or give your employers a nice holiday.


If you want to know more you can contact us by mail.