Plan and Tour

Our plan

For years we are playing with the idea to create a quiet and peaceful place for people where they can finish creative projects they once started but couldn’t find the time to end them. We want to make it a place where people can unwind, relax and explore the edges of their creativity. A place where you don’t have to think about your daily life but just be who you really are. We know there are many people  who have a very busy life and need to escape their daily lives to refresh and find themselves again.

When we met, we where both 18 years old and from the very beginning we felt that we where in severable.  Because we are always looking for deepening in our lives we came along lots of places which confirmed us to start build our peaceful place.

On our holiday last Christmas we heard there was a place for sale nearby. Once we saw it we instantly felt in love and the ideas for the renovations started to pop up in our heads spontaneously. All leisure time we have a day now goes to  make it  reality for us.

All the pieces from the puzzle  are falling in to place and it feels like our dream is becoming to be true.

By starting this company we will find more balance in our lives. Take control and create a place where we can live as close to nature as possible and find peace in our lives again.


As volunteer you can become part of our dream. We offer you the opportunity to help us build our dream. You can choose to help in the kitchen garden, help with other projects around the house or just relax and explore the surroundings or have a swim in the lake.


  • We want to live in the biggest house with two or mare families. There is a big kitchen where we can cook for groups and a big room to dine in or play games.
  • The old house we are going to renovate. Create 4 two person bedrooms and a dormitory for up to ten. Downstairs we are going to make a big kitchen where you can cook and eat and a bathroom and toilet. There is also a part here where a little café used to be. We want to renew it and make a place where the community can meet up and have pizza once a month from the wood-fired oven. Also this may be a place for art expositions.
  • The atelier we are going to use to give workshops in all kind of old crafts, but we can also use it for singing or dancing workshops. We know lots of people who want to cum to us and give workshops , for instant about dieting and therapeutic related.
  • The barn in opposite the atelier we are going to give a total makeover. That will be our sauna. Through the window you will have magnificent view when the sun sets or in winter with some luck the northern lights. This will be a great attraction for everyone.
  • The land next tot he house we want to make a camping place with enough room around the tents and lots of nature.



Our goal:

We want to be a place where people can meet and take part in one of our workshops.  A place to find inner peace and relax in an ecological environment that is a self-sufficient as possible.

We want to bring a wide range of workshops but traditional craftsmanship like blacksmithing, dying wool, woodworking, etc. will always be the main part of them. During the winter we can host dog sleds trainings and people who like winter-sports.

We want to be a centre for art, craftsmanship and also a place where the locals can meet, a beautiful place where you can work and relax at the same time.

Click a yellow button to start a tour on Youtube. The orange buttons are not in use, they can be found in the Dutch tour, Plattegrond met rondleiding. You can also find the rest of the tour there. It's all in Dutch, but you get an impression of what it looks like now.

This building is build in 1920 and will be the place where we live. This house is completely renovated and big enough to rent out 2 apartments. This will be a kind of community. More information can be found under "Permanent rental" soon.

Ground floor

First floor

This is the old building, built in 1800, that we're going to renovate as close to the old style as possible and start a hostel in it.